Linksys Power line Wireless Network Extender Kit PLWK400EU

Linksys Powerline Wireless Network Extender in Dubai & UAE

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Linksys Powerline Wireless Network Extender Kit PLWK400EU

Linksys PLWK400EU is an easily way to extend wired or wireless network coverage in your home or office using existing electrical outlets. It is perfect for creating a network connection anywhere in your building. You can enjoy added in-home wireless mobility with the help of Linksys Powerline Wireless Network Extender device.
Linksys PLWK400EU is ideal for eliminating hard to reach wireless network connection, and it is very easy to set up. You can plug it into wall outlet or power strip.

Kit includes one Powerline AV adapter to connect router and one Powerline adapter with Wi-Fi access point to connect one Ethernet device and multiple wireless devices.

There is a “Simple Connect” button that allows to automatically create a secure link between the two adaptors and to quickly add further adaptors as well. The manual and the configuration software provided with the kit aren’t very clear about how to set up Wi-Fi, so less technical people could easily get lost here. The manual also fails to explain other options, such as the QoS (quality of service) feature that allows you to prioritize certain types of network traffic. But from a technical point of view, the PLWK400 kit works perfectly well, and its Wi-Fi option will be useful for many people.